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Why you should Hire Interior Architect?

Every one of us wants to live in an incredible space that brings us comfort and joy. Our space should not only look amazing, but it should be a reflection of our personality and style & it should function in a way that works with how you live your life. It might sound impossible, but great spaces are carefully discovered, planned, and beautifully crafted by professionals.

Many people get confused or intimidated by the idea of hiring a professional interior architect. You might be concerned about the process of working with interior architects as well as the costs of doing so. We completely understand these fears and have done our best to alleviate them by making things simple.

Our top six reasons on why hiring an Interior Architects (IA) is the right move to make.

1. Expensive

You might say "Hiring an Interior Architect is going to cost me a fortune" however this isn't always the case. Hiring an IA can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home. What you spend is completely up to you and your budget.

2. A Professional Point of View

We Interior Architect are trained to spot the things you might miss. Every detail is considered and assessed which could inevitably help your budget. Interior Architects understand what products and elements mix well and what installations can psychologically affect a person when entering a room. If you've been mulling over designs for too long and it's all a haze, IA will be able to help you make an informed decision. 

An Interior Architects can give you a professional assessment of your situation, that will lead to a solid plan of action. The order of things in a design plan is key in determining what can be reused, modified or renewed. This will not only affect the budget but help you to spend it more efficiently.

3. Resources & Contacts

You've been considering over Interiors Websites, Magazine, Books, or searching Pinterest and don't know where to start on your project. An Interior Architects will help you with planning your space and point out what specific products you need for your space and will help guide you in the right direction with regards to the correct finishes, fixtures, hardware and soft furnishings.

All Interior Architects operate differently but each should have a dedicated range of brands and products that they know they can trust, recommend and stand over. These referrals are vital for your peace of mind. 

We have resources at our fingertips. We know which lines are the “best buy for your money” and where you can save to make room for higher-priced dream pieces.

4. Time & Budget

We will oversee your entire project from start to finish so you can spend time on the things you need to such as work or family. 

We keep you on budget with your builder and architect. 

While project managing, will oversee all elements of production and will communicate between those who are involved such as contractor, decorators, and builders. Strong communication between the architecture and the lighting, furnishing craftsmen’s, and the contractor is absolutely key for completing projects on time. We act as a mediator, making sure that at the end of the day, you have your dream space ready on time and budget.

5. Well Organized Technical Decision and Communication

There are thousands of decisions to make and we can steer you towards the right materials, finishes, fixtures, in an instant.

6. Unique Designs

Maybe you've thought, "I'm bored of gray, cream or the neutrals" or "every home I come across looks the same". It is the job of the Interior Architects to put forward designs and products which are unique, innovative or even beyond your comfort zone, pushing you to create a space you might not necessarily have thought of but will love being in. IA can identify the limits of their client and should be able to sense what direction you want to go in...

You’re going to have wow factor. Interior Architects are trained to think creatively and spatially and learn to see an overall big picture that clients often cannot. Thinking outside of the box is what IA do regularly. Not only will you get a good design sense, but you’ll also get an attention to detail from proper space planning, lighting and furniture placement to fabric choices and color palette and fixture options. A professional interior architect will create custom-designed pieces to make sure everything fits perfectly and is truly special to your home. Designers can also get you certain furniture, fabric, and materials that are trade-only and not accessible to everyone else. People notice a well-designed home.

When done, not only will your home look beautiful and cohesive, but it’ll be well thought out and highly functional.

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